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James Robinson and ComancheLauren Shannon and Zero FlightLauren Shannon and Zero FlightNeil Spratt and UpleadonNeil Spratt and UpleadonMary King and Apache SauceAndrew Nicholson and NereoClarke Johnstone and Incognito IIIAndrew Nicholson and NereoAnna Warnecke and Twinkle BeeAnna Warnecke and Twinkle BeeAnna Warnecke and Twinkle BeeJohnathan Paget and Clifton LushJohnathan Paget and Clifton LushZara Phillips and High KingdomZara Phillips and High KingdomSinead Halpin and Manoir De CarnevilleSinead Halpin and Manoir De CarnevilleBoyd Martin and Neville BardosBoyd Martin and Neville Bardos