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Andrew Winn and Calico ZChloe Allen and Whiskey LadJuan Pastorino and Unbelievable CavalierChloe Allen and Whiskey LadSharon Quartly and Orrfield Diamond KingMatt Earith and Surely ValentineSophie Platt and ArtySophie Platt and ArtyAmy Pickfod and Romany IVZoe Warde-Aldam and Highlings GizmologySara Dudgeon and ZipiloHarriet Morris-Baumber and Olympic BelleBen Hobday and ShadowstoneBen Hobday and ShadowstoneChloe allen and Crescendo HNicola Wilson and Night PorterNicola Wilson and Night PorterKaren Dixon and Athlone AntoKaren Dixon and Athlone AntoLorna Riley and Vip IV